The Messy Paws Club

Welcome to our award-winning doggy day care providing a safe and stimulating care for your beloved companion. Our team ensures your dog's happiness, health, and engagement through supervised socialization, playtime, and exploration in our facilities and nearby country parks.

Our indoor facilities offer heated and ventilated spaces for play or relax whilst our outdoors agility playground, paddling pool and fields allows the more active dogs to have the best day with us. Every activity is tailored to your dog's needs, creating a safe and enjoyable experience with their pals.

Get in touch and take away the stress of leaving your dog at home alone!

Our service

We offer a weekly service that's perfect for busy dog owners who want to ensure that their pets receive the attention and exercise they need. You can rest assured that your dog is in good hands with our team.

Our facilities are designed to cater to the needs of all dogs, from puppies to seniors. With both indoor and outdoor areas, your dog can choose to play around in the sunshine or relax in the shade.

As part of their day, we provide your dog with twice-daily entertainment and stimulation. This includes agility sessions, rewarded games, toys, and regular outings to nearby country parks where they can explore new sights, smells, and sounds. All activities are supervised and tailored to your dog's needs and preferences, ensuring they have a fun and safe adventure with their friends.

Price: £45 per day

Area covered

Our pick up & drop off areas are Northfields, South Ealing, Central Acton, South Acton, Brentford and Chiswick.

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Our routine

Our adventure-packed day starts bright and early at 7.30 am, where we begin collecting dogs from their homes by car. By 8.30 am, we head to our centre located in Stanwell, near Heathrow Airport.

Upon arrival, our furry guests are divided into groups based on their personality, energy levels, and temperament. We ensure that each dog has other similar dogs to play with to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.

After settling in, we start taking our dogs on walks in country parks such as Harmonsworth Moore or Cranford park, in groups of a maximum 6 dogs per walker. These walks are tailored to the individual needs of each dog, whether they enjoy exploring or playing with sticks/balls, or simply going for a dip in the river.

In the centre, dogs can choose to play or rest as they prefer. Our experienced team stimulates them in groups or individually, playing with toys, hide-and-seek games with rewards, or doing agility sessions. Every dog gets at least two stimulation sessions, one in the centre and another out in the park, as long as permitted by the owner. In between activities, they are also encouraged to rest either indoors or outdoors.

By 1.30 pm, we start preparing the dogs to be returned to their homes, ensuring that those who got muddy during the day are hosed down before leaving. From 2 pm to 3.30 pm, we drop off our happy and tired pals back to their homes after an exciting day filled with fun, exercise, and new experiences.

At The Messy Paws Club, we prioritize your dog's well-being and happiness. Join us for a day full of activities, socializing, and adventure for your beloved companion.

Contact us

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"I have known Alberto since he stablished his dog walking services in Chiswick and I am more than happy to recommend his services to my clients. Alberto not only walks your dog but he works in their training and behaviour with a very professional approach. We both work closely when it comes to the health of the dogs in his care as he is very experience in spotting common dog health issues as well as being trained in first aid for dogs."
Paloma Díaz-Carretero MRCVS, Grove Park Veterinary Clinic, Chiswick W4

"I highly recommend MessyPaws for taking care of your doggy! Professional care whilst keeping a personalised support to dogs and their owners. Reliable and responsible about health and safety of your dog. It was a game changer for us, making our lives - our dog included- happier."
Valentina, Chiswick W4

"So happy we found Messy Paws. Alberto, Lydia & the team take great care of the dogs. They make sure they have control over all dogs whilst letting them have fun, and have supported us when we are working on specific training. Communication is great and our dog loves them. Would highly recommend"
Becky, Ealing W5

"Our dog Rudy has been heading out with Alberto and the Messy Paws team a few times a week for a number of years now! Rudy is very well looked after and loved while he is out with his dog pals. We have complete trust in the team and they are an incredibly professional and reliable service! Rudy always comes back happy and tired from his walks and wishes he could be out with them every day!"
Adam, Chiswick W4

"Messy Paws has been our dog walker for 2.5 years now and I recommend them enthusiastically. Lydia and Alberto are lovely people and extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable about dogs. When we moved to London from the US our dog was a bit out of sorts, but with Alberto’s help, he was back to himself in no time. The Messy Paws team is lovely and hardworking and would be an asset to any family."
Rebecca, Chiswick W4

"Trusting someone enough to walk your dog was a big deal for me. But from our first conversation Alberto put my mind at ease and when I saw him with my puppy, I knew he would care for my dog as if it were his! Over the past year they’ve developed such a bond, and Alberto has helped grow my dogs confidence so much. He squeals with excitement everyday Alberto comes to collect him. Highly recommend!"
Persa, Chiswick W4

"We love out fur baby more than words can describe, and we fully trust Messy Paws to look after her on the walks with her fur friends. Alberto is very professional, reliable, flexible and is a dog whisperer, knowing which behaviour means what. Highly recommend!"
Anna, Chiswick W4

"Alfie has had THE BEST time on his Messy Paws walks. Every time he's collected he gets totally overexcited, and when we you in the park he always runs over to say hi so he clearly has a great time. He gets on well with his "pack" and even though he's a nervous pup he loves the dogs he walks with. We are very sad that we are moving out of town and won't have you as our walker anymore. Thanks so much for everything and I hope we see you when we come back and visit."
Franki, Acton W3

"Alberto and his wife have been very kind with high responsibility in their relations to us and our dog Joopy."
Farhad, Brentford TW8

"Ivy is our first dog, she was a rescue pup and so it was very important to find the right person to be her dog walker. We were lucky to meet Alberto and he has been Ivy’s walker for the last 6 years. He takes his job very seriously and we know that when Ivy is out with him, she is both safe and having a good time. We would be happy to recommend him to anyone"
Steve, Acton W3

"We are so lucky to have Messy Paws! We found Messy Paws online and once we met with Alberto, instantly felt this was the right fit! Sparky loves his walks with him everyday! He jumps round like a maniac when he hears Alberto's car arrive on the drive! Sparky has come such a long way since being with Alberto. We never thought we'd be able to have him off lead and his recall is so much better now. Alberto is so reliable and genuinely loves sparky as much as we do! Thank you for everything you do"
Natalie, Brentford TW8

"Alberto & his team have been walking our Vizsla for many years and she loves her walks with Alberto and her doggy friends! The service is reliable and Alberto is usually able to accommodate requests for extra dog walks or changes of schedule as we need. I would recommend Messy Paws to anyone who wants to make sure their pooch is well looked after on their walks"
Catherine, Chiswick W4

"Alberto has been walking my cocker spaniel Benji for just over a year now. He and his Company have always looked after Benji extremely well. I have absolute trust and confidence in him. Alberto is always prepared to go the extra mile in helping to accommodate my work timetable which does change from time to time. I know Benji will get a good walk, great exercise with someone who knows how to handle dogs and I have complete trust in Alberto and have no doubts about recommending their services."
Susan, Brentford TW8

"Alberto and his team are very good with the dogs and have adjusted for Scooby as he has become older and has different needs. Alberto was recommended to me and I would recommend him to others."
Jacquie, Brentford TW8

"I would recommend Alberto wholeheartedly. He has walked my 4 year old Wheaten terrier since he was a puppy. The insane welcome he receives from Mojo is testament to his way with dogs! He is totally reliable and manages to offer the flexibility we need alongside a regular weekly commitment. I am always confident that Mojo is being well looked after and having a wonderful time. Thanks Alberto!"
Louise, Shepherd's Bush W12

"Tasha & Ziggy, my 2 border terriers, are super excited when Alberto or one of his team come and collect them for their dog walk. It's a very reliable service & I always feel happy that my dogs are in good hands."
Juliet, Shepherd's Bush W12

"Messy Paws, Alberto and colleagues, are very caring and professional handlers of dogs. My little, noisy, boy is an irregular customer of theirs but they are always able to fit him into their schedules. They will always let you know if they think he might be a bit under the weather or if they've noticed something unusual in his behaviour and they offer useful advice on diet and caring. Highly recommended"
Andy, Chiswick W4

"Twice a week, around 10.30 in the morning Alberto beeps the horn on his car and my dog Charlie starts wagging his tail furiously and running up and down the floor in anticipation of his walk. I think that says it all. It’s Charlie’s favourite part of the week. Alberto takes incredibly good care of him. Over the past few months he has worked tirelessly with Charlie, a rescue dog, to get him used to other dogs and slowly it is working. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Messy Paws. It’s personal, friendly, caring and thoroughly professional. I think so, and more importantly, so does Charlie."
Sean, Acton W3

"I would highly recommend Messy Paws for dog walking and day care. Alberto has walked my dog for many years. As he is now getting older, and slowing up, he is in day care with Lydia. She is so kind and patient with him, adapting the day for his needs. He loves them both. It is very reassuring to know that my dog is so well look after when I am not there."
Jane, Chiswick W4

"As every dog owner will know, I had to leave my Didier for the 1st time to a dog career for a week and I had a lot of anxiety. Alberto's name came across when visiting my vet. He was highly recommended. And what a great decision I made to contact him. Alberto is more than a dog career. He really cares about the dog well being and the owner's worries. Didier was so happy when I took it back and I learn a lot with Alberto's advise. Big thank you and will come back to you without doubt."
Stephan, Acton W3

"Guys, Barney had such a great time with you both and was so happy when we came to pick him up, it was probably hard for him to say bye to you and all his New friends... thanks Alberto and Lydia for taking such great care of Barney!"
Clive, Barnes SW13

"My dog Dido has been walked by Alberto and Lydia 5 days every week since she arrived in this country from Italy as a 4 month old puppy. She is now 2 and a happy and socialised dog but I could not possibly manage her by myself as she is strong and boisterous. So it is good to have Messy Paws for her to let off steam with so I can enjoy her myself after she has been exercised and is a bit quieter. I hope this arrangement will go on for ever."
Charlotte, Hammersmith W6

"I am thrilled with the service provided by Alberto, and Messy Paws. Brodie adores his walks with Alberto and always runs to greet him excitedly at the door. Brodie always comes home very happy, but most importantly, as a super tired pup! Messy paws provides the perfect environment for Brodie to socialise with other dogs, and he gets an extra healthy dose of exercise. Alberto is kind, patient and professional. He instills a good sense of discipline in Brodie (he is often a handful!), and I trust him completely with my little pup out on his walks. I would highly recommend Messy Paws."
Lara, Brentford TW8

"I couldn’t be happier with Messy Paws. Jasper is always so excited to see Alberto and enjoys his walk with all the other Messy Paws pals. I would highly recommend Messy Paws as it offers a reliable dog walking service."
Helen, Isleworth TW7

"Our neighbour recommended Alberto and we are so glad he did. When he comes to the house Chester always runs to the door and is ready for his days adventures. I know that when I get home there is always one tired but very happy dog. I highly recommended using Messy Paws."
Jonathan, Chiswick W4

"I don’t know what we’d do without Alberto! Our dog loves him - and I love all the training advice he’s given me these past few months. I only wish I’d found him earlier!"
Laurie, Shepherd's Bush W12

"Alberto has been kind and patient with Barney, having walked him since a puppy.As well as the walks he has also given us great tips about training , and other advice essential for first time dog owners. Would throughly recommend"
Charlotte, Chiswick W4

"I cannot be happier ! I was desperately looking for a dog walker when Alberto came across. He treated my dogs as if they were his own even when they are not too easy to handle, he managed to make them feel loved and protected in every situation."
Alba, Brentford TW8

"I can't recommend Alberto enough! He is a natural with dogs, offering them a variety of different walks in local parks and taking incredibly good care of them. He has been a great help with my dog which he has been walking since she was a puppy... and helping on some training advice too! The dogs always seem relaxed and happy in his company and it is clear he takes throughly good care of them all."
Holly, Chiswick W4

"Alberto looked after our precious, little 18 month old Westie, Alfie for two weeks whilst we were on our summer holidays. I know it must have been good for Alfie as he now gives Alberto a tremendous welcome whenever we meet him walking his dogs in the park. Alberto picked up and dropped off before and after our holiday and generally offered a very professional and caring service and I would definitely recommend him to anybody who wants their dogs to be properly looked after whilst they are away."
Nick, Hammersmith W6

"Alberto has been walking Ruby, our Australian labradoodle since she was 5 months old! Ruby is so excited to see Alberto for her morning and afternoon walks every week. She has so much fun, adventure, and play- she always comes back a tired puppy! He has been instrumental in her training, care and socialising with other dogs. Alberto's professionalism and expertise is so evident in everything he does. Thank you for everything!"
Justine, Chiswick W4

"I first met Alberto a few years ago, walking my Irish Terrier, Ruby, around Chiswick Park. At that time, I did not use him as a dog walker, but as conversation with Alberto was easy and interesting I enjoyed the walks we shared whenever our paths happened to cross in the park. I had presumed I would always be able to walk Ruby, but after becoming ill, last autumn, I suddenly found I was unable to walk her myself. It was a great relief to know I could phone Messy Paws and that Ruby would be safe, happy and well looked after. Because we had all walked together; I knew Alberto to have a calm and relaxed manner with the dogs and a sensible and natural way of handling them. What I didn’t know was how much more confident and sociable Ruby would become. I thought I had been doing the best thing I could walking her myself every day… but I think being with a larger group of animals, experiencing new and different ways has been very good for her. She could be a little timid, especially around larger dogs, but since walking with messy paws her confidence has grown and I have definitely notice an improvement in this behaviour. I have found Alberto thoughtful and reliable and I have no hesitation in recommending Messy Paws."
Loveday, Chiswick W4

"Alberto has been walking my boxer for about 18 months. He collects the dog at a set time, takes him off for a good couple of hours and brings him back, worn out and content. Chancellor looks up to Alberto as the pack leader and is always extremely excited when he calls at the house or we see him in the park when I am walking him. I am very, very pleased with the service Alberto provides who is reliable and trustworthy. He is firm and caring with Chancellor and I would highly recommend him to care for your precious companion."
Julian, Chiswick W4

"I first bumped into Alberto while he was dog walking in my local park and observed how well he got on with his charges. Messy Paws have now been doing the day time walk for my two dogs, a Weimaraner and a Boston Terrier, for some 5 months. The dogs are always happy to see Alberto when they hear him call their names from the front door and they enjoy going to the park in his estate car where they can look out of the windows, rather than in an enclosed van. Alberto takes the dogs to a number of different local parks, so they get plenty of variety. If the dogs arrive back wet or muddy, Alberto takes a moment to towel them over to avoid mess in the house. Alberto is friendly, professional, punctual and extremely experienced in handling dogs. I have already recommended him to some friends."
Nicky, Kew TW9

"I would highly recommend Messy paws who want their dog to have fun and loved. Our Lab Bambi loves Alberto when he take her out for walks on regular basis. She stayed with Alberto for weeks this Christmas holiday and she was very happy doggy! We didn't feel sad or worried leaving bambi because we knew she will be loved and looked after very well by Alberto. He is trustworthy and 100% reliable."
Sabiha, Chiswick W4

"Toby is a regular client of messy paws! Not only does Alberto consistently deliver home an exhausted and happy pooch, he will always try his best to accommodate your request... Very reliable, hard working and completely in love with his dogs... We're very lucky!"
Victoria, Chiswick W4

"My husband and I moved to Chiswick a few months ago and we have been so lucky to find Alberto to take care of Goldie, our very energetic 1 year old puppy. It's no exaggeration to say that Goldie looks forward to seeing Alberto all week. She has so much fun on their group walks, and she always comes home tired and happy - what more could we ask for! Alberto not only gives Goldie good exercise, but also provides the discipline she needs as she continues to mature. Since we've started with Alberto, we've noticed Goldie has been better at recall while at the park, and has stopped pulling so much on the lead during our walks. We use Alberto a few times each week and would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a dog walker!"
Dena, Chiswick W4

"Alberto is very reliable and trustworthy. My dog Bertie loves him and I feel totally confident that when he is in his care he is safe and cared for to the very best standards."
Chantelle, Chiswick W4

"I am a very happy customer of Messy Paws and have been for over two years now. Alberto is accommodating and very considerate. He is reliable, prompt and has never let me down. He looks after our dog very well and clearly gets attached to all his canine charges! When our (high maintenance) dachshund had a serious operation on his back, Alberto worked with me on his rehabilitation and reworked his schedule to help with getting Dennis back to normal. This meant smaller walks without other dogs and 1:1 care and attention to ensure he healed slowly and carefully. Alberto is flexible and a pleasure to deal with and I have no hesitation at all in recommending his services if you are looking for a caring and professional dog walker and carer."
Elizabeth, Chiswick W4

"We highly recommend Messy Paws. 100% reliable & trustworthy. And even more importantly our dog Wisley is very happy being walked by Alberto and with her Messy Paws pals. Camilla & David Carter (& Wisley!)"
Camila & David, Acton W3

"My dog Watson has always been amazing but he is even better by being able to spend time with Alberto at Messy Paws during the week. He is trained, socialised and loved so that I can do the things I need to do with my week. Alberto is very helpful when we speak and I mention things I may be concerned with or happy with. He always seems to know why things are happening. My vet agrees whenever I take my puppy for a check up that the advice I am being given is correct. I would and do recommend this company to anyone that loves their animals as much as we do."
Nicky, Kew TW9

"Alberto is totally reliable, great at communicating any changes to the plan and most importantly our black lab Monty always waits eagerly for his walks and returns for a long nap afterwards."
Glynis, Chiswick W4

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say how grateful I was for the day you looked after Jenkins. I was very impressed with the way you walked him outside the whole day, even though it rained, but you made sure he had a great excursion. I would be very happy to recommend Messy Paws to any client needing dog walking services."
Ruth, Brentford TW8